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Tesla and a Chinese Mobile firm join hands to build 400 charging stations

Tesla Motors Inc. and a state-owned China United Network Communications Corporation is gearing up to build approximately 400 charging stations for the electric cars. The China United Network Communications (Unicom) is the second largest mobile phone company has actually made an affirmative comment about building the car charging stations. According to the market experts, China is probably the best place in the world to promote the electric cars. Initially, Tesla planned for approximately about 200 charging plants, but after the collaboration with CUNCC, the number has been increased to 400 charging stations.130517135909-tesla-store-620xa

According to the Tesla spokesperson, they will be building over 400 charging stations across 120 cities in China. Tesla and CUNCC have also agreed on building 20 super charging points across the cities which will work approximately 16 times faster than normal charging stations. The main reason why the market experts are looking at China as the best  market for electric cars is that these cars do not produce smoke.


As Tesla has already released its first set of electric vehicles to Chines consumers back in April, it is important that the corporation focuses on promoting the electric cars as well. It is expected that with the proper availability of charging stations, the users will automatically develop an inclination towards the electric vehicles.

On the other hand, BMW is also planning to set up approximately 50 charging points in collaboration with State Grid, which is China’s largest state-owned and utility developer. The car manufacturers are looking at he pollution in the streets of China to provide the momentum needed for the growth of electric cars as well.


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