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Ralph Lauren to launch Tech Smart Shirt in the US Open

When the whole world is keen on following the trends in smart gadgets, Ralph Lauren has decided to bring in smartness in the clothes that we wear with Polo Tech Smart Shirt. According to the recent turn of events, Ralph Lauren has decided to blend in technology into fashionable sportswear. Ralph Lauren is considered as one of the best minds when it comes to fashion. Ralph Lauren will be designing the smart sportswear in collaboration with Polo. All the participants in the U.S. Open in the boy’s category will be wearing the Polo Tech Smart Shirt during the tournament. This is basically a final test frontier which the Polo Tech Smart shirts will have to pass before they are listed for general customers.Smart Gadgets to Smart Clothes: Ralph Lauren to launch Tech Smart Shirt in the US Open

The Polo Tech Smart Shirt will feature a compression material which will be provided by a Canadian firm, OMsignal. According to the manufacturers, the material of the Polo shirt is going to be the key for the smartness that it will possess. Speaking technically, the compression and expansion of the clothing material will send the signals to the Smartphone or Tablet directly.


The main objective behind the Polo Tech Smart Shirt presently is to gauge the athletic performance of the person. All the calculations will be made depending on the rate of compression and expansion of the sportswear. One will be able to calculate the heartbeat, pulses, breathing activity, etc. directly on a Smartphone or Tablet.

Stéphane Marceau, CEO of OMsignal said in a statement:

“It was clear from our very first meeting that Ralph Lauren had clarity of mind about the future of fashion tech. Its legendary Polo brand and unparalleled design and merchandising capabilities make Ralph Lauren a natural partner to bring smart clothing technology into everyday lives.”

The Polo Tech Smart Shirt will have a small box attached to the chest which will store all the information and can be easily removed before washing the shirt. The Polo Tech Smart will just be available for the athletes in the boy’s category in the U.S. Open. According to the sources, it is highly unlikely that the shirts will be on sale before the Spring of 2015.


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