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BioShock nostalgia for iOS users in $14.99 (iPad and iPhone)

BioShock is probably a very known name for the people who were deeply connected to gaming consoles way back around the year 2007. It was the time when BioShock established a solid fan base for itself. Most of the people consider it as the transformation from low quality console games to the high-end console games which still continue to thrive. The good news amidst this is that BioShock will be available for the iOS users at a certain price. According to the reports, the plot of the game is still the same as it was back in the year. Thus, some users might feel a sense of nostalgia in case they are owners of an iPad or iPhone.BioShock nostalgia for iOS users in $14.99

According to the statement made by Polygon, the users will be able to experience a similar sort of gaming experience as it was with the original game. The catch is that the developers have had to reduce the quality of the graphics to a certain degree in order to meet the size requirement of the Cupertino OS. Apple iOS allow a maximum of 2GB file size for any application.


Apart from the restriction of Size, BioShock is expected to have very much the same features including the old story. The developers have kept in mind that the game is being developed for the mobile platform and thus will be a bit easier that the original. The new version of BioShock will be having features like auto aim, easier navigation control, etc.

BioShock will be available for the users on Apple App Store at a price of $14.99 which some are considering as a bit expensive. But with the kind of craze the PC version of BioShock had created back in the year 2007, the developers are expecting a great response especially from the modern-day gamers. The developers have tried to give a modern-day touch by changing small sequences in the game.

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