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Samsung and LG’s battle intensifies as Galaxy Gear S and G Watch R are out now

Samsung and LG are set to compete with each other from today with the release of Samsung  Gear S and LG G Watch R smartwatches.lg-gwatchr

Samsung’s Gear S can function as a standalone smartwatch with 3G connectivity without needing to connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Facebook and Twitter can be accessed and SMS can be sent or received using the on-screen keyboard and voice input. The smartwatch is powered by the company’s homegrown Tizen OS. The display features a curved 2-inch AMOLED display that utilizes the same technology on Samsung’s latest tablets thus providing a crisp display and customizable home screens.

LG unveiled G Watch R that features a round plastic 1.3-inch OLED display, powered by 1.2 Snapdragon processor and 4GB of storage. The device includes a 410mAh battery and is water-resistant up to 30 meters. The smartwatch does not offer 3G connectivity as in the case of Samsung and is running on Android Wear. The G Watch R will be released in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Samsung Gear S will be released worldwide in October and will eventually be launched in other markets. The company would announce the launch date in UK “in due course.” The price of both the smartwatches has not been announced. Both the South Korean companies are set to compete in the smartwatch market, though Samsung is likely to have the edge here as the smartwatch includes many features like fitness tracker, HERE navigation and more. LG’s smartwatch will be popular among Android loving consumers.



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