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Google image search glitch showed a car crash in Russia’s image

Google Support Forum was flooded with reports from users on Tuesday after an image search glitch caused search results to display images of Russian car crash for many trending search keywords.google-image-search-glitch

The photo showed a ‘stop’ sign in Russian with a badly wrecked car, according to users who reported. There were also speculations on whether Google images was hacked. As there has been conflicts between pro-Russian rebels and Ukraine forces, certain users blame hackers after a Ukrainian news website reported on a car accident that killed two people. Users reported from various countries, including Canada and Germany, though it is unclear if the same image appeared in the results.


Google has not clearly stated the reason for the glitch and the company dashboard does not mention any disruption in services. A Google spokesperson stated there was an “internal issue” that caused the problem. Some users got rid of the issue by clearing up their browsers and DNS.

The users had received the same car crash pictures even while searching with different terms like ‘cartoon planet earth’, ‘hello kitty’ etc. Founder and CEO of anonymous search engine DuckDuckGo Gabriel Weinberg explained that it could be a result of a failed algorithm that might be in the testing stage. Engineers testing out the algorithm during a search engine update could have created the broken code that caused the problem and Weinberg mentions that it had happened in his website.

Users who are still facing a problem can try clearing browser cache or clearing up DNS by accessing ipconfig > FlushDNS.

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