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Uber’s unethical steps to recruit drivers is the talking point now

The situation is such with Uber that the ride sharing organization is facing a stern view from all. The scenario inside and outside Uber is a tentative one for the drivers as well as for the passengers. With the ever-growing rumors about the Uber having a catch in the pricing system has always kept the users talking about it. The drivers are worried because the company might sack them in case they do not fulfill the requirements of the company. In the middle of such hostile grounds, the struggle between Lyft and Uber has taken things to a greater level.Uber taking unethical steps to recruit drivers: The Talking point

Many people think that Uber does not follow ethical techniques when it comes to getting their things done. The rumors suggest that Uber has its own men who have been appointed to persuade drivers from other ride sharing organizations to join Uber. These appointed officials take rides in a Lyft car and then look forward to talk the driver into joining Uber. The professional world has been certainly divided over the issue.


According to some people, these tactics from Uber are certainly legal. As you will not be able to point a direct finger on Uber, one cannot directly state that Uber is guilty of something illegal. On the other hand, some of the people think this to be extremely unethical. This is probably one of the way to seal some asset of someone without actually committing a crime.

Uber is presently the no. 1 ride sharing company and thus it is quite a plausible situation where they are trying to recruit the best possible drivers by talking. The competition between Uber and Lyft has risen to such huge proportions, that one or the other is always looking to surpass the other. The analysts are of the thought that both the companies should rather concentrate developing rather that pointing towards others.


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