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Sony PlayStation Network back online after DDoS attack

Sony’s PlayStation Network confirmed they were back online faced a distributed denial-of-service attack on Sunday caused it to go offline.playstation-network-hacked

The PSN and Sony Entertainment suffered network crash caused by artificial high traffic affecting the log in of users. Sony confirmed PSN was back online through a tweet. DDoS attacks are known to create upstream traffic which cannot be controlled. Lizard Squad claimed to be behind the attack on Twitter and mentioned it had “planted the ISIS flag on @Sony servers”. The group has also attacked Blizzard Entertainment recently.


“We have no evidence of any intrusion to the network and no evidence of any unauthorized access to users personal information.” said Sid Shuman, Sony spokesperson.

Sony offered apologies for the inconvenience caused to users and assured that no personal data was compromised. Lizard Squad’s tweeted that a bomb was planted in American Airlines which carried Sony Online Entertainment Chief  John Smedley on-board which caused the plane to be diverted from San Diego to Phoenix. Smedley had also tweeted that the plane was diverted due to security reasons and their cargo. A spokeswoman from American Airlines confirmed that Flight 362 had been diverted due to “security-related issue.”

Earlier in 2011, Sony had faced a major shutdown after being hacked and revealed personal data of 77 million users. DDoS attacks are artificial traffic aimed at websites for bringing down a network. Following the attack Sony has scheduled maintenance on Monday to review security measures.

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