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Google’s driverless car might not be completely self driving anymore

Google has been undoubtedly working really hard to find a foot in the field of extraordinary vehicles. Speaking of extraordinary vehicles, Google’s dream self driving car is certainly one of the most extraordinary vehicles that mankind has seen. But the California Department of Motor Vehicles seems to be in the mood to spoil the dream of Google.google-driverless-car-prototype

According to the reports, the California Department of Motor Vehicles has said he the car must have some features which will allow a driver to take control of the vehicle in need. Google has been working on the project of self driving cars for a long time now and on the verge of completing the car, the company might just be needed to make some immediate  basic changes to the model.


Earlier this year in May, Google had unveiled its dream project, a car where the driver has been replaced by a Software and the steering wheel with buttons. The car is probably one of the most unorthodox looking models to be unveiled in the history of vehicles with the front resembling a smiley face. But with the intervention of California Department of Motor Vehicles, Google might have to change a bit if its tiny two-seater car.

In a statement Google has acknowledged the command of California Department of Motor Vehicles. The company added that they will add the required features and put them to a test. Google will begin testing the car on private roads in the coming months before actually launching the car for the customers.

According to the co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin, the main aspect of motivation behind self driving cars is to make roads safer for the people. Google’s self driving car has an explicit record of ‘zero’ crashes during the entire testing phase of the prototypes.


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