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AMD unveils Radeon R9 285 graphics card for the starting price of $249

As part of its celebration of ’30th year’s graphics day,’ AMD unveils a new graphics card AMD Radeon R9 285 with ‘Tonga’ GPU. This mid-range graphics card will be available in market from September 2 onwards with the starting price of $249.amd-radeon-r9-285-4

According to AMD, the new Radeon R9 285 graphics card beats Nvidia’s GTX 760, which is now available for around $259 in United States. AMD claims that the new GPU can deliver high-performance at maximum detailed graphics when playing recently released computer games. The 2GB version of AMD R9 285 is placed next to the 2GB version of R9 270/270X series and below the 3GB variant of AMD Radeon R9 280X graphics card.


AMD claims that the new Radeon R9 285 can deliver up to 3.29 teraFLOPS of computing performance at 918MHz and draws only 190 watts of power, while the predecessor R9 280 (and other R9 series of graphics cards as well) draws 250 watts of power. The current unveiled graphics card has 2GB of GDDR5 memory on 256-bit interface. AMD Radeon’s 3rd party manufacturers might release the 4GB variant of R9 285 graphics cards.

The new graphics card will also feature a standard display port, an HDMI port and two DVI outputs. You may expect a bundle of games packaged with the Radeon R9 series of graphics cards in September 2014 onwards. Two games, Alien Isolation and Star Citizen will be included in the “Never Settle:Space Editionbundle.


AMD Radeon series’ specification comparison:


AMD Radeon R9 285 Image Gallery:


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