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Google’s 5 apps make into the top 10 smartphone apps in US

With the recent advancement in digitization of the Internet era, people started to scaffolding the Internet on their smartphones and tablets. As a result, we have a boon of plethora of applications which may help in accessing digital content easily. American Internet analytics company, comScore has released its report on smartphone apps in the United States, and let’s see what it shows.smartphone-apps

When it comes to the United States of America, the report says, users keep themselves limited to certain applications. But, still the report says that the majority of the smartphone users is not downloading new applications any more. It has been reported by comScore that around 65.5% of users refrain themselves from downloading any application over the months. The mini-apps are being downloaded by these users, which only scores 7% over the month.


“People only have so much storage space on their phones, so they really have to be selective about which apps they download.” The statement is given by Adam Lella, the marketing analyst at comScore. And rest of the users only stagger with their favorite applications, while 17% people only preferred second ranked applications.

Another analyst firm ‘Quartz‘ says the people do not download too much of the application as they are confused with the utility of these apps. Apps listed in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store are ranked on the basis of download intensity, and not on the basis of the quality of application.

Nevertheless, between the cobwebs, it is true that Americans cannot live smartphones as they use their smartphones every day. It has been reported that nearly three out of every four minutes is spent browsing these programs. The report says that websites, such as social networking, entertainment and messaging are much utilized in Mobile applications. The study says that the iPhone users spend a large number of times, on sharing and searching email.

The top 10 apps in United States are:

  1. Facebook app is the most used app on any smartphone – – 115 million users per month.
  2. Google’s YouTube app lies at second place with 83.4 million users per month.
  3. The top 10 smartphone apps includes Google’s own 5 applications. Google Play app sits in third place with 72 million users per month. For your information – – Android has approximately 85 percent of global smartphone market share and most of those devices have Google Play Store application pre-installed!
  4. Google’s search application has 70 million users per month, and most of them are from Android devices.
  5. Surprisingly, Pandora, a personalized online radio service comes to 5th position with 69 million monthly listeners.
  6. Google Maps application has 64.5 million users per month.
  7. Google’s own Gmail email app has 60 million monthly users that make it to the 7th position.
  8. With over 60 million daily photo uploads, Instagram sits in 8th position with approximate 46.6 million monthly users.
  9. The 10th place has been shared by 2 apps, Apple Maps and Yahoo Finance with 42 million users per month each.


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