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The rebel NSA and GCHQ agents secretly help Tor in fixing bugs

Tor has claimed that the NSA and GCHQ cyber agents secretly help Tor by reporting bugs that can be patched to prevent it from being used for surveillance.BND NSA GCHQ DGSE

Tor Project Executive director Andrew Lewman mentioned that the agents place a higher priority for fixing bugs in the privacy-preserving technology that would prevent the colleagues from using the flaws for surveillance. The Tor’s official site receives bug reports from users who remain anonymous and are reported to the company on a monthly basis.


In an interview to BBC, Lewman said:

“There are plenty of people in both organizations who can anonymously leak data to us to say – maybe you should look here, maybe you should look at this to fix this.”

Lewman admitted that he was not exactly sure who reported the bugs though he mentioned to think about the type of people who have the expertise and analyze the source code of Tor for hours and report the bugs. Earlier, Edward Snowden had revealed that NSA was constantly looking up for vulnerabilities in Tor to target users for surveillance.

The US has always been interested in the data from Tor while Russia has offered $100,000 for hacking it. Developed by US Naval Research Laboratory, Tor – The Onion Router is used extensively by human rights activists, military and others to access website anonymously. Government communications Headquarters also uses Tor for their operations. A section of GCHQ also tries to hack into Tor while a part of GCHQ reports flaws in the search engine as they use it for their operations.

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