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Apple kills 32GB version of iPhone 6; to offer 128 GB of internal storage

The Upcoming Apple iPhone 6 has been expected to launch on September 9 and most of the leaks around the internet has popped out each and every feature of the upcoming iPhone 6. Here comes the latest addition to the stack of iPhone 6 rumors.iPhone 6

We all know that the upcoming iPhone 6 will have two versions; but the latest information from @GeekBar shows that the iPhone 6 has no 32GB on-board internal storage version. Instead of that, Apple might introduce 128 GB of internal on-board storage for those people who need immense storage space.


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The leak shows us that, iPhone 6 has no 32 GB version of internal storage. From the image, we can confirm that the 16 GB NAND flash chips are manufactured by Toshiba and Hynix. SanDisk joins with Toshiba and Hynix for 64 GB chips and 128 GB chips are manufactured only by Toshiba. From the document, we may confirm that the 16 GB model of iPhone 6 has remained same and 32 GB has been upgraded to 64 GB, 64 GB to 128 GB of internal on-board memory.

The upcoming Apple iPhone 6 4.7” model will be announced next month and powered with high processing speed with 2 GHz of clock speed that gives you high-end performance. More powerful camera, durable display and quantum dot technology makes iPhone 6 to be the best smartphone of the year 2014. With light-up Apple logo, the upcoming iPhone 6 attracts you more than ever.

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