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Microsoft Windows 9 to be released soon with Multiple Virtual Desktops

Microsoft has planned to announce the Microsoft Windows 9 on September 30. Let’s hope September would be a great month for tech enthusiasts, as Apple iPhone 6 will be launched on September 9 and also Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be launched in the month of September too.windows-9-threshold

Now the rumors say that Microsoft’s Windows 9 OS will be expected to launch on September 30. It’s not sure that Microsoft Windows 9 will release in that date, but we may consider it as an unofficial date for the announcement of Microsoft Windows 9. Microsoft Windows 9 developer preview will be released before the month of October and the public preview version will be released by the end of this year.


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Microsoft Windows 9 will be a perfect operating system with the hardware ecosystem for PCs, smartphones and tablets too. Microsoft is continuously trying to ensure that their operating system will offer maximum productivity depending on the form factor. Various leaks about Microsoft Windows 9 has shown that the interface will look resembles like Ubuntu-Style and users can easily use their applications on multiple virtual desktops. Similar to Ubuntu-Style interface, users can easily perform various applications in multiple desktops in a single PC itself.

Windows 9 may feature two column start menu that combines both traditional apps and also with a combination of modern apps. According to the previous reports, general release of Microsoft Windows 9 will be launched on April 2015.

Microsoft found success after releasing Windows XP over Windows 98, while Windows 7 was tremendously popular against its predecessor Windows Vista. Can Windows 9 OS repeat the same fortune for Microsoft over the flop Windows 8?

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