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Comcast set to launch ‘Xfinity On Campus’ this fall

Comcast officially makes the announcement of Xfinity On Campus which will allow the students to stream live TV and video on-demand across to their laptops, tablets and smartphones. The students will be able to use the feature while they are still connected to the Wi-Fi inside the campus. This is probably one of the efforts to lure in more viewers who are attached to other video streaming services like Netflix, etc. The situation is such that a majority of the students spends a huge amount of time on campus watching their favorite TV shows and movies. Comcast is after these young bunch of viewers which constitute a huge proportion for other competitors like Netflix, etc..comcast-xfinity-cable

According to the reports, Comcast had been testing Xfinity on silently for quite some time before the announcement. The effort is solely to square off the competition with Netflix and thus they are providing a package of around 80 live channels and literally all the major broadcasters. The users will not have to pay any monthly bill for the features as the college will take in an initial amount as a part of the student’s on campus housing fees. This also means that Xfinity on will only be available to the students who are residing in the campus.


Marcien Jenckes, Executive Vice President of Consumer Services for Comcast Cable said in a statement:

Xfinity on Campus lets students watch TV on their own terms. With this younger generation, more and more viewing is happening away from the traditional TV set and we have evolved our products and services to better engage them. Whether it’s Game of Thrones, Scandal or The Daily Show, Xfinity On Campus offers all the content they want – anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Comcast had been testing Xfinity On Campus with colleges and schools, including Drexel University and Emerson college. According to the announcement, along with these two, Xfinity On Campus service, which is included with room and board for students living in on-campus housing, will be available this fall at Lasell College, Bridgewater College, Drexel University, Emerson College and University of Delaware later this year. The reports also have it that Comcast is in talks with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of New Hampshire  and a few more. This will not only add-on to the user base for Comcast, but will also probably open new dimensions of online streaming based on IP addresses.


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