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Google Search app for Android adds support for multilingual voice commands

Google Search app on Android will support a combination of 50 languages while giving voice commands to the app making the app more user-friendly.google-logo-screen-closeup

Earlier, Google Search app had allowed users to use only one preferred language while the new feature can recognize voice commands in multiple languages and has become more user-friendly. However, the app will recognize one language per sentence, though recognition of two or more languages in a command might be added later. Android software engineer  David Eustis stated in a blog post that users can select up to five languages which satisfies most advanced polyglots.


“So you can fire off a search for nearby restaurants in English, then dictate a text to your friend in French,” said Eustis.

Google Search app’s verbal reply will be based on the users language and command and the company is in the process of adding more languages. The app already had support for 50 languages, though the latest version will provide a more comfortable experience for users. Android users will need to download the latest version of Google Search app (3.6) from the Play Store. Up to five languages can be selected by accessing Google settings > Search & Now > voice and selecting the five preferred languages.

Eustis mentioned that most people around the world use two or more languages and recognition of one language in the app wasn’t enough. Google has also added a voice-aided search feature for Chrome users can be used to set alarms, search by using the ‘OK Google’ command.

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