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Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and others started the price reduction war in US

The situation is such in the United States that the wireless service providers have been made to run after the customers of other service providers. According to the market analysts, the condition of the market is such that there exists literally no chance of expanding the customer base unless you can reduce from the others. The internet technology has reached such a height in the United States that there exists a sense of saturation not allowing the wireless service providers to expand their customer base. Thus, in the efforts to find a remedy for the lack of rise in new users, the major wireless service providers have started slashing the cost of various plans to attract more customers. Yes, we are talking about the ongoing price reduction competition between Sprint and T-Mobile.Wireless Service providers slash the rices on data services as US market reaches saturation

Sprint Corporation unveiled their new $60 unlimited data plans on Thursday. This is by far the cheapest data plan which exists in the US market presently. With just $60, users will be able to experience unlimited data services for a month. The next in the line is just $20 more and is provided by T-Mobile. Sprint Corporation has made this announcement right after T-Mobile’s one year free data plan‘s announcement. The catch goes as if any customer is able to lure another user of different carrier to T-Mobile, both will get a free unlimited data subscription for one year.


This is not the first time that a wireless service provider has attempted such means to lure more customers. Earlier this week, Sprint Corporation announced that the users under the family plans will have access to double amount of data from now on. On the other hand, Verizon has not slashed the prices on data plan, but has made a considerable reduction of price in the unlimited talk and text plans. Many critical analysts have started mocking the companies by stating  that  the day is not far when competition will lead to free data services for the users.


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