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Oculix: Oculus rift hacked to show Netflix

A small group of Netflix employees created Oculus Rift ‘hack’ named Oculix and displayed several projects on improving the streaming service during the Netflix Hack Day – Summer 2014 event.netflix-on-oculus-rift

More than 150 programmers showcased about 50 projects that added new features to the service and improving certain areas in the streaming service. Netflix provided details of the projects on the blog which includes Nerdflix, a console compatible version of the site, Netflix Mini, a windowed version of Netflix for multi-tasking, Netflix Hue which uses ‘smart bulbs’ to adjust room’s lighting and much more. Evan Browning, a programmer for ‘Netfllix Hue’ stated that he had become obsessed with Hue lights.


“It may never become part of the Netflix product, internal infrastructure, or otherwise be used beyond Hack day,” said Netflix, regarding the Oculus Rift hack.

The Oculus Rift UI hack was the highlight of the event that offered multiple possibilities with the virtual reality headset where users can pick channels by gestures in the air. Netflix could take streaming of videos to a new level with features ranging from playing certain scenes, create a version of events, a virtual character, view a scene from the eyes of the actor and much more. The Oculus Rift demo showcased the ability to start videos though the VR interface bringing up multiple screens.

A Netflix spokeswoman mentioned that the Hack day was a blue sky exercise for our engineers. Currently, Netflix has no plans to bring in the new features to the streaming site though a few projects might be integrated into the site.

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