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Honda to recall 12,000 Honda Fits to improve safety ratings

Honda Motor Corporation is all set to make a recall of approximately 12,000 cars belonging to the 2015 Honda Fit models. According to reports, Honda Motor Corporation will be recalling the cars to make a few changes to the body of the car to make it more compact in case of accidents on roads. The car maker will be asking the 12,000 car owners from the United States to allow the company to service their cars and refurbish them with better drawn bumpers in order to deliver more stability to the vehicle. The official announcement was made by both Honda Motor Corporation and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).honda-fit-crash-test

According to the statement released by the IIHS, the recall will not be accounted as a one due to safety issues. The reality is that the Honda Fit models have been termed as one of the poorest models of the genre of subcompact cars by the IIHS. The 2013 Honda Fit model suffered a lot owning to this and the ripples have continued ever since. In fact the launch of the 2015 Honda Fit model was delayed for some time as the sales were down by approximately 12%. According to the IIHS, the car lacks protection in the front part in case of a head on collision with another car, tree or a pole.


Apart from Chevrolet Spark none of the remaining 10 subcompact cars were able to sustain the head on collision. The news is that Honda has sought for a second chance to improve on the levels of protection and appear for the test yet again. The company is calling back the 12,000 cars because it wants to provide the additional protection to the sold cars as well. According to the reports, the company will ask the car owners to bring in their cars after the month of September.

IIHS President Adrian Lund said in a statement:

“We commend Honda for its quick response to the test and for taking the additional step of replacing the bumper beams on early-production vehicles. People who bought cars produced earlier in the year should take advantage of this free replacement to improve protection in small overlap crashes.”

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