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NHTSA launches new search tool for vehicle recalls information

At last, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) brings a sense of relief for the car owners. The year 2014 certainly has not been the best year for the major car manufacturers as well as for the car owners. Literally most of the major car manufacturers have had to recall their cars listed under various different model names. Companies like Ford, Fiat, General Motors have stood out amongst the masses as they have had the major share of the recall. Cumulatively, the number of vehicles that have been recalled this year has broken all the records. With the rise in the number of recalls, it has been seen that the car owners have also started losing faith in the car manufacturers. Majority of the owners who received a refurbished car from the manufacturers house held doubts related to the authenticity of the action taken by the manufacturers.NHTSA launches new search tool for recalled cars

The main reason for the loss of faith is that they were not sure of whether the manufacturers had actually repaired the defects or not. Well, for the common good, NHTSA has taken on the responsibility to check that whether the recalled car has been repaired or not! According to the reports, NHTSA has officially launched a new search tool which will serve car owners to keep a track of the repairs made by the car manufacturer. It is true that the NHTSA holds all the records, but communicating it with the car owners is quite impossible considering when the number of recalled cars is in the millions.


According to the official press release, NHTSA has released a new search tool which will provide information about all the repairs done by the car manufacturer. NHTSA has launched the tool on their website safercar.gov (gives errors as of now, when you search for the recalls) such that the car owners can access the data anytime they want. The tool will be using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in order to identify the vehicle. The data provided by the search tool will be more accurate and will help the car owners to gauge the future performance of the car as well.

With pros comes the cons as well. The search tool launched by NHTSA will just hold data of the last 15 calendar years. Thus, in case of car models older than that the search tool will not be effective. According to NHTSA, the search tool will be holding information for all the major car as well as motorcycle manufacturers. Initially the tool will only be working for official recalls. NHTSA has also claimed that they will be looking forward to broaden the field of service such that more people can be helped. NHTSA is set to update the databases on a weekly basis.

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