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Twitter to accept requests for removal of deceased images

Twitter announced that it would remove deceased and disturbing images from its site upon request from family members.twitter-redesign-mac-3.0-icon

The company would accept a removal request from members related to the person or family members. Some users had posted fake disturbing images of Hollywood actor Robin Williams which caused his daughter Zelda to abandon social networking sites after facing criticisms from online users. The abuse faced by her due to the horrifying fake images of her father was the reason behind the company move to bring in taking down requests. Zelda started receiving mails that mocked her father’s death on August 11.


Twitter stated:

“In order to respect the wishes of loved ones, Twitter will remove the imagery of deceased individuals in certain circumstances. Immediate family members and other authorized individuals may request the removal of images or video of deceased individuals, from when a critical injury occurs in the moments before or after death.”

After ISIS, a terrorist organization beheaded James Foley for US military action in Iraq and stills of the video appeared on the preview stream of Twitter which viewed accidentally by many users. This was also the reason behind the company’s move while users tweeted on #ISISMediaBlackout to stop retweeting the pictures which was the aim of the organization.

Zelda Williams stated that she was thankful for the support of a section of people and would stay away from Twitter for some time. The company will observe the public overview of the posted content for a decision on the removal of the images. The takedown request will be reviewed after emails are received at privacy@twitter.com. Today, Twitter has begun deactivating accounts of users who shared brutal images related to the beheading of Foley and has promised to take action in the future.

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