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Matter Center for Microsoft Office 365 to boost IT and Law firms

With the announcement of Matter Center for Office 365, Microsoft is probably gearing up to lend a helping hand to all those working in modern-day’s legal professions. The truth is that there has been a transformation is the kind of paper works that modern day legal and IT professionals do. Thus keeping the requirements in mind, Microsoft Corporation announced a preview version of Matter Center for Office 365. The announcement was made at the International Legal Technology Association’s annual conference in Nashville, Tenn. According to the reports, Matter Center has been exclusively aimed at helping both IT and legal professionals to manage a major section of their paperwork.Matter Center for Office 365 to boots IT and Law firms

Matter Center is an instinctual and a productive document management system which has been developed solely to cater to the needs and requirements of various companies under the IT industry and the legal sphere of profession. The statements made during the annual conference will hen towards the fact that Matter Center works flawlessly with Office 365 to provide the users with effective management of files and papers.


Microsoft claims that Matter Center has been built-in such a way that the users can work with their important and confidential data without the risks of any security issues. Microsoft Corporation has taken special care to enhance the security of the document management application considering its scope in legal business. In addition, Matter Center works solely in collaboration with the cloud and thus the users will not have to worry about accessing files in crunch situations.

Matter Center for Office 365 has been created after a successful collaboration between the legal and corporate division at Microsoft Corporation. Matter Center for Office 365 is officially available for a ‘limited preview’ download at the official website of Microsoft Corporation.

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