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If Tesla Model S is an electric sedan, Renovo Coupe is an electric supercar

Renovo Motors takes the first step into the line of electric cars with the unveiling of Renovo Coupe. Though, it’s incomparable to Tesla’s Model S as both cars fall completely in different categories. In the context, Renovo Coupe will certainly leave the electric sedan way behind. There is no doubt amidst the environmentalists that a time will come when electric cars will play a major part in traffic than the conventional vehicles. But, this car isn’t meant for budget-minded people, as the electric supercar costs $529,000 only!Although incomparable to Tesla’s Model S, Renovo Coupe is an outright beast

Tesla’s Model S was considered to be the mark of the beginning of a new era of vehicles, which do not run on conventional fuels. Additionally, the fact that Tesla’s Model S had a pickup of 0-to-60mph in just 4.2 seconds, which made it better that many other general vehicles. Although it will be unfair to compare Renovo Coupe and Tesla’s Model S as one is for the family and the other one is of the racing genre, Renovo Coupe leaves Model S way behind in power and expected performance. However, you can compare Tesla’s Roadster with Renovo Coupe as it records the pickup of 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds. Renovo Motors has been working on the car silently for a period of four long years now.


The car is not an outright revolution in all aspects as it still maintains the look of Shelby Daytona. Renovo Motors have basically maintained the old heritage externally and transformed the interiors to create a small, compact and powerful beast. Renovo Coupe has a powerful 500 hp engine with approximately 1000 ft-lb of torque and pick up of 0-to-60mph in just 3.4 seconds, which narrowly beats Tesla Roadster.

But as Model S is a family sedan and Renovo Coupe is a racing car, we will never be able to equate both on similar grounds. The other features of Renovo Coupe include a 30 minute fast charge and a top speed of 120 mph. According to the reports, Renovo Motors have priced the car somewhere around $530,000 and will start making the deliveries from 2015.


He is the promo video of Tesla Roadster:

More pics are available at the source link.

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