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The Ice Bucket Challenge Raises Funds for ALS, Spreads Awareness

ALS is a neurodegenerative disease that is creating a headache for the medical professionals in the current times. A cure for this disease is what doctors and experts are vying for. Hence, the Ice Bucket Challenge is being rolled out in order to raise funds for ALS.ice-bucket-challenge

Last Wednesday, around 9pm, Donald J Boshart got 24 hour deadline to either accept the challenge of being poured ice-cubes and cold water mixture over his head or open his account to raise funds for finding the cure for ALS. He chose to donate as well as face the ice bucket challenge. He has also raised his voice in the same concern pleading people to join the cause.


He added, “That’s the great benefit of social media, to raise awareness is one thing, but it’s also another to make a donation. Making a donation is a critical component. It’s an awful, awful disease.”

ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a serious disease and finding its cure is the sole purpose of the ice bucket challenge. Mr. Boshart along with many others has taken up the Ice Bucket challenge and they have shared the videos on social media. They have also appealed to the others, inviting them for the same.

The concept behind the Ice Bucket Challenge is to get soaked with ice-cold water and then donate a lesser amount for finding the cure for ALS disease or to decline the invite and pay $100 in the donation to ALS. This is one of the unique challenges that have surfaced in a long time and people are sharing the videos of people who have taken up this challenge.

Ice Bucket Challenge is a great way to collect funds for ALS as it has gone viral in the last days. As many as 3 million dollars have already been raised by the Ice Bucket Challenge. These are the stats until 12 August this year.

VIP’s like Barack Obama are also involved with this funding campaign and hence, they have donated a fair sum to the cause. Hope this awareness program helps finding the cure for ALS by a fair bit.

Some of the high-profile Ice Bucket Challenge videos:

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates:

Jeff Bezos, CEO and Founder of Amazon:

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon:

Apple CEO Tim Cook:

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