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Facebook tests ‘satire’ tag for fake and satirical news

Facebook is testing satire tag for fake news websites that would tag articles from funny news websites and would prevent confusion among some users.Facebook-Privacy-.JPEG-085e9

The addition of the ‘satire’ tag is likely to take the fun out of news satire websites that mainly cover international news and politics. The satire tag would appear on the related articles below a post which has been read. However the new tag wouldn’t appear on the pages and saved posts of news satire websites like The Onion and others. It has not been known why the company chose to mention the tag in some areas of the site.


A Facebook spokesperson said in a statement to ARS Technica:

“We are running a small test which shows the text ‘[Satire]’ in front of links to satirical articles in the related articles unit in News Feed. This is because we received feedback that people wanted a clearer way to distinguish satirical articles from others in these units.”

Facebook mentioned that the addition of the new feature will help users in differentiating websites. Facebook has not revealed whether other less-popular satire sites would receive the same type of tag. The backlash faced by the company after the emotional experiment might also be one of the reasons for the company’s move to include the tag. Other reasons might also include requests from the government as much embarrassment has been faced by political leaders while issuing statements.

While the ‘satire’ tag is set to be added in the coming days, it would remove the thrill of reading fake news that appears along with the News Feed of users, sites like the Onion’s BuzzFeed parody Clickhole and The New Yorker’s Borowitz Report are expected to post about Facebook’s latest move.


Recently, the report of Facebook’s ‘emotional contagion’ program happened two years ago has raised outrage among the privacy watchdogs and critics. Many experts and analysts believe that Facebook users were scandalized by manipulating their posts during the four-month mood manipulation program. This made many users to doubt on Facebook and many of them even try to quit the social network. A Dutch non-profit, Just B.V was calling on users to conduct a mood experiment by quitting Facebook for 99 days. They shall conduct periodic mood surveys to analyze whether you are feeling good or bad about it.

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