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Intel and SMS Audio releases ’50 Cent’ branded ‘smart’ headphones

Collaboration with SMS Audio, Intel has unveiled a new series of fitness ‘wearable’ headphones that allows you to measure hear rate. This smart headphones will come with a brand name of famous entertainer Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson.50-cent-sms-audio

The smart headphones powered with fitness metrics, technology and fashion that gives an excellent look and comforts to the users. Intel and SMS Audio believes that there is a broad market for aspirational exerciser and also for a marathoner. The main aim of Intel is to provide a cool gadget for a new generation of consumers and they hope 50 Cent headphones will achieve that.


Michael Bell, Corporate Vice President of New Devices Group at Intel said:

“Intel is focused on driving innovation in the wearable technology segment by partnering with lifestyle brands like SMS Audio that complement our technology and design expertise,” and also added “With SMS Audio, we will bring smart headphones to market that eliminate the inconvenience of add-on devices with an integrated, one-device fitness accessory offering high-end style and premier sound quality for an exceptional fitness experience. This is a prime example of Intel driving innovation in wearable devices while being a forerunner in merging lifestyle and technology.”

This headphone can measure the exact heart rate of the users, when they were wearing those headphones in their ear. The manufacture has designed in such a way that, the headphones record heart rate of the users while they are walking, working out and also even during sleeping too.

Brain Nohe, President of SMS Audio said:

“The wearable technology collaboration between SMS Audio and Intel elevates our capability to bring smart exercise to consumers,” “With the introduction of the SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones powered by Intel, we’re now the first to provide this level of integrated, seamless and helpful biometric information to inspire customers to advance their fitness experiences.”

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The both companies said that the device will bring out excellent as well as high-end sound quality. The smart headphone bundled with biometric sensors to monitor and record heart rate of the users. The companies have patented the look and design of the ear-hook, this design makes it more comfortable and reduces the need of extra batteries inside the headphone.

The optical sensor present inside the headphone will continuously track and measure the heart rate of the users while they are performing intense exercise and also every moment of the users. The smart headphone is resistant to water and also sweat, that keeps the device protected while performing exercises. The companies informed that the price will be announced later.

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Here is the interview of 50 Cent with The Wall Street Journal:


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