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Apple iPhone 6 release date, specifications and more [Updated]

We have summed up some of the leaked information and rumors about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 smartphone, including the release date, specifications and more. Let’s go through the information we have till date.mindspi-iphone-6-concept

The next generation Apple iPhone 6 has been expected to unveil on September 9, 2014. Previously, rumor says that iPhone 6 will launch on September 19th, but Re/code and Wall Street Journal states that the device will launch on September 9th 2014. This confirms us that the device will be launched on that particular date. Apple iPhone 6 will be powered by Apple A8 processor with clock speed of 2 Ghz, manufactured by TSMC.


Rumors about the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 has filled the internet and also various improper information regarding the iPhone 6 has also made the people to go crazy. Over the past few months, we have seen various rumors regarding Apple iPhone 6 and it has been especially targeted the display size of the device. Apple fans are expecting a larger display, since Apple upgraded the screen size of iPhone 5s to 4-inch display. It has been clearly stated that the iPhone 6 has two models, the first one with 4.7 inches of screen size and the second one with 5.5 inches.

Most of the experts and analysts say that iPhone 6 with 4.7-inches display will be announced next month, and 5.5-inch version will not enter into the market until 2015 arrives. Due to the issues regarding production, 5.5-inch version of Apple iPhone 6 will release after the end of this year. The upcoming Apple iPhone 6 4.7 inch version will have increased resolution of 1704 x 906 pixels and has a pixel density of 416. At the same time, iPhone 6 5.5 inch version has a pixel density of 365ppi. Not only increased pixel density, iPhone 6 has a scratch resistant sapphire crystal display and comes with thinner chassis with 6 to 6.5mm thickness.

The Upcoming iPhone 6 featured with light-up notification logo on the rear panel of the device, that will light-up when a new message or email arrives. Apple has implemented a light notification in the Apple logo similar to that of MacBooks. This gives an additional look for the device, apart from that, iPhone 6 will perfectly suit in the hand with a premium feel.

In processing, Apple iPhone 6 will be quite faster than the previous versions, since it’s powered by Apple A8 Processor. Most of the rumors say that the upcoming iPhone will powered with 2Ghz Processor made especially for iPhone 6.

Apple iPhone 6 might powered with 13 megapixel of camera with Optical Image Stabilization, with the help of OIS, users can shoot well even in the darkness. Other than that, iPhone 6 may come with 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB of internal on-board storage. Some rumor states that, Apple may kill 16 GB version to boost up the sales of the other versions. The device may feature with NFC and even with newer version of Wi-Fi ac protocol.

Technically, iPhone 6 will be a powerful smartphone of the year 2014. Until the company launches the device to the public, Apple fans have to rely on rumors and leaked information to peak into the device and its specifications. Stay tuned for more updates on Apple iPhone rumors.

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