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FCC re-planning net neutrality as the confusion persists

It seems that the issues with net neutrality are constantly on the rise. In a recent turn of events, the United States regulators stated that the Internet Service Providers should make strict guidelines about when and where to slow the speed of data in the efforts to maintain the policies of the new rule. According to the new set of rules, termed as net neutrality, users will probably be prevented from accessing certain things on the Internet. The statement in the respect has been made by the Federal Communications Commission while preparing the set of new rules.FCC re-planning ‘net neutrality’ as the confusion persists

Well, the interesting fact is that no one is actually truly aware of the extent to which the new net neutrality rules will affect the usage of Internet. The previous set of rules was discarded by the federal court in the month of January this year. Since then, the FCC has made sure that it gets all the data and statements about internet usage from the Internet Service Providers as well as the users themselves. The obvious thing is that the Internet has to be managed in such a way that it still exists as the open source of knowledge. Thus, the FCC will certainly have to consider the user remarks carefully before drafting the new set of rules for net neutrality.

There were rumors swirling around the internet media that the majority of the ISP’s would in turn slow down the internet as a measure to maintain the integrity of the policies. But as it has created more repercussions that praises, the FCC has ordered the ISP’s to make a clear statement. But with the kind of statements that is coming through, it seems that the ISP’s are not at all in favor of the new set of rules and neither do they want to provide some data at slower rates.

According to the reports, the ISP’s are of the thought that the Internet must be kept an open source of information. This is the main advantage of the Internet and providing some information at a slower rate is only hampering heir customer relations. It seems very clear that the ISP’s are well against the ‘net neutrality’ rule, but one will have to wait till the FCC comes up with its final word.


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