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Google Chromebook’s sales to triple by 2017

Google’s Chromebook sales are expected to reach 5.2 million units by year-end and will triple by 2017, according to American information technology research and advisory firm Gartner’s report.google-chromebook-vendors-marketshare

The report released on August 11 revealed that there was a 79 percent increase in Chromebook sales from 2013 and more than 14.4 million units is expected to be sold by 2017. The huge sales growth of Chromebook is mainly due to the purchase of 1 million units by educational institutions. The global PC shipments reported by Gartner were at 296.1 million units with a projection of 276.7 million in 2014.


The research report stated:

“It will be continued demand in the education sector, increased adoption by businesses and consumers, and retail purchases by consumers wanting a simple device for cloud-computing.”

Senior analyst Rajani Singh at IDC stated that Chromebooks have a wider base in the US due to the internet penetration and most other regions in the world do not have the infrastructure. Though the popularity of Chromebook is growing in Western Europe, the sales in lower when compared to US.

The report also mentioned the shares of major vendors who held Chromebooks sales in 2013. Samsung held 21.4 percent, Acer with 21.4 percent, followed by HP, Lenovo and Dell. Singh mentioned that Chromebook sales increased in the first quarter after Samsung joined in 2012, and their Acer is gaining sales.growth after the entry of Samsung. Most major players have opened up to the Chrome OS while Apple and Microsoft have chosen to steer the growth of personal PC’s.

The growth of Chromebook is likely to affect the sales of Microsoft’s Windows PC’s and Apple MacBooks. Earlier in 2013, market research firm NPD Group Chromebooks had dominated 21 percent of the U.S notebook sales. Apple has seen a considerable drop in the sales of Apple laptops from 2.6 percent to 1,8 percent in the traditional PC market. Apple iPads, currently overrun the sales of Chromebooks at 3:2 in the PC market while Chromebooks overrun Apple with 5:1 share in the US market. However, every three out of four PC run on Windows while Google controls five out of six PC’s on alternative platforms.


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