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Samsung Galaxy Alpha VS Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Comparison

Samsung Galaxy Alpha has been announced just yesterday and the experts have lined up to assess its features and started comparing it with the likes of other same range smartphones in the market. The device is thin and has a metallic body, which is something to look out for.samsung-galaxy-alpha-galaxy-note-3

The experts feel that Samsung Galaxy Alpha will come out as the device that will break the records at large in the market. Especially its metal design is making great buzz. Now when the device is about to get released soon, the fans are wondering whether they should stick with Galaxy Note 3 or just go for Samsung Galaxy Alpha.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha is expected to be the prettiest phone that will surface in the market. It is equipped with an HD display of 720 pixels. The phone size, display and all the features of this device are impeccable, but we will compare the features of Galaxy Note 3 with Samsung Galaxy Alpha and make it easier for you to make a selection for purchase between these two phones.

When it comes to the display, Galaxy Note 3 possesses a Super Amoled screen with 1920*1080 pixel resolution. The pixel density is measured at 386ppi. The screen size is also measured at 5.7 inches as compared to the 4.7-inch screen size of Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

The processor of Samsung Galaxy Alpha is 1.8 GHz Exynos Octa-core as against the 2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor of Galaxy Note 3. When it comes to processors, Galaxy Note 3 takes a slight lead, but considering the price segment where Samsung Galaxy Alpha lies, it is a big time winner.


The RAM of Samsung Galaxy Alpha is clocked at 2GB and on the other hand Galaxy Note 3 possesses a RAM of 3GB. So, when it comes to speed and multi-tasking, Galaxy Note 3 shall be preferred. The battery of Samsung Galaxy Alpha is clocked at 1,860mAh whereas Galaxy Note 3’s battery is measured at 3,200mAh.

When it comes to camera, Samsung Galaxy Alpha is very close to the legacy of Galaxy Note 3 as it clocks the resolution of 12MP in the rear camera and 2.1MP for the front facing camera. On the other hand, Note 3’s camera is measured at 13MP for the rear one and 2MP for the front one.


When both the exclusive devices are compared, it is hard to pick out a winner, but considering the price segment of Samsung Galaxy Alpha, we can say that this device leads the way. However, you can wait for the Samsung Galaxy Alpha to arrive in the market and make a wise decision based on your instincts and our verdict.


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