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Uber hits back as Uber and Lyft blame game intensifies

The war between the two major organizations of the ride sharing industry, Uber and Lyft is getting uglier with every passing day. It is really unfortunate from the commoners’ point of view who has been helped a lot by both the two services. There is no doubt of the fact that Both Uber and Lyft have played a major part in revolutionizing the industry. But with growth, the rivalry between Uber and Lyft has taken really unwanted turns. It happens in the modern competitive world that the other competitors try to surpass the feats of others, the kind of blame game that Uber and Lyft have associated themselves with is certainly not the kind that shows professionalism.Uber hits back as Uber and Lyft blame game intensifies

According to the recent turn of events, it was Uber’s chance to give back the allegations that Lyft imposed. In a statement, Uber accused Lyft employees to the regular hailing of Uber’s services and then cancelling them intentionally. Additionally, Uber has also claimed that these steps were taken by Lyft after Uber had declined requests to buy out Lyft. According to Uber, Lyft’s employees have canceled rides nearing about 13,000.


All of this began when Lyft initially accused approximately 170 Uber employees to have called in and then canceled about 5000 Lyft’s rides. Allegedly Uber has also been accused of manipulating the drivers and join hands with Uber. This is not the first instance when Uber has been accused of such acts. It was earlier this year when a black car service provider, Gett also accused Uber of hailing and then cancellation of rides.

As it turns out, this is probably one of the dirty tactics followed by the companies to march over the others. The allegations and further allegations are creating a poor scenario for the industry along the path. Uber’s claim that it has been approached by Lyft’s investors for a buyout of Lyft has also ignited another controversy. Interestingly, none of the organizations have yet provided solid proofs and as it stands now, both the claims by Uber and Lyft are nothing but allegations. The competition between Uber and Lyft took a serious turn when Uber announced the opening of new product similar to that of Lyft just a day before Lyft’s announcement.

According to the market experts, this is probably the result of the healthy competition that was developing between the two similar companies. But the events of the last two days will not help any of them. Instead, there stands a very good opportunity for general Taxi Drivers to make the issue count and try to regain some of the lost ground.

Uber’s full statement on Lyft’s claims:

Lyft’s claims against Uber are baseless and simply untrue. Furthermore Lyft’s own drivers and employees, including one of Lyft’s founders, have canceled 12,900 trips on Uber. But instead of providing the long list of questionable tactics that Lyft has used over the years, we are focusing on building and maintaining the best platform for both consumers and drivers.

These attacks from Lyft are unfortunate, but somewhat expected. A number of Lyft investors have recently been pushing Uber to acquire Lyft. One of their largest shareholders recently warned that Lyft would “go nuclear” if we do not acquire them. We can only assume that the recent Lyft attacks are part of that strategy.

Lyft’s response to Uber’s statement:

Once again Uber is deceiving the public, now with false allegations and an attempt to deflect from their illegal cancel the campaign. Lyft has more than 100 investors, all of whom are extremely excited that Lyft is approaching IPO-level revenue. Our “nuclear” strategy is continuing to take market share with a 30% month-over-month growth, while building the strongest community of drivers and passengers.

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