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Microsoft’s Xbox One shock at Gamescon Expo

The Gamescon Expo is an event which can be very easily compared to the one like WWDC. As Gamescon Expo is probably the largest gaming conference that is conducted across the world and thus it makes it a golden opportunity for many companies. Considering the magnanimous intensity of the Gamescon Expo, it is quite obvious a fact that the majority of the companies will look forward to showcase their games. It is probably the best platform available for the modern-day game companies to show off their products and in a way publicize them.Microsoft’s Xbox One shock at Gamescon Expo

Gamescon Expo has been the launch platform for many great games and this year’s event also has quite a few games of such caliber. It was today that Microsoft was given the stage to showcase their products and what came was a sort of shock to the whole gaming fraternity. Initially, Microsoft went on with some of the normal and multiplatform games for the viewers.


The real shock came with the announcement that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be available exclusively for Xbox. Well, this will certainly dishearten a lot of gaming geeks. The preceding version of Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider Reboot was an instant hit when it was released in the year 2013. A major part of the fraternity was expecting the sequel to the 2013 hit, but most of them felt disheartened.

To add to the shock of Tomb Raider, Microsoft unveiled Quantum Break which was officially announced during E3 2013. Microsoft ensured that they put on the show long enough to make the viewers curious enough. Quantum Break has been designed by Remedy who is also acclaimed for the creation of Max Payne. During the press conference, Microsoft also showed enough emphasis on the games like GTA V, COD: Advanced Warfare, Assassins’ Creed Unity, etc.

Other than these, there was not a lot to talk about the games that were being launched. The day at Gamescon Expo had the first view of quite a few racing games and related announcements. The fact that Xbox One has taken away a major section of the gaming quota from PlayStation and PC has raised a few questions about the business strategy from Microsoft.

The company has planned for specific bundles of Xbox One games. The gaming bundles will be available for the users along Northern America at a price of $400 to $500. It will be extremely important to how the plans proposed by Microsoft works for them. But the fact that Rise of Tomb Raider will not be initially available for Play Station and PC will certainly impact he gamers as well.

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