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Microsoft mocks Apple MacBook Air in new Surface Pro 3 commercial

Microsoft’s recently launched Surface Pro 3 is a bridge between the laptop and a tablet. Microsoft has launched a new set of advertisements this weekend, which says that Surface Pro 3 will be a good choice for the people who want to use their laptop wherever they want, especially, better than Apple MacBooks.microsoft-surface-pro-3-ad

In those set of advertisements, Microsoft targets the users of Apple MacBook Air by comparing Surface Pro 3 and MacBook Air. Microsoft claims Surface Pro 3 as a tablet and can be used anywhere you want, and it also claims that it will provide more features than the Apple’s slimmer MacBook Air. Both the device comes with similar specifications and Microsoft has added touchscreen to the Surface Pro 3.


In its new commercial video, Surface Pro 3 runs Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office and other applications. In addition to that, Surface Pro 3 got touchscreen; this makes it a better choice to buy. Microsoft has already mentioned Apple’s Siri to Lumia 635 Cortana, a virtual assistant developed by Microsoft. Regarding Cortana, Microsoft has shown that Cortana will perform more actions and tasks than Apple’s Siri.

Now, Surface Pro 3 commercial has compared the device with Apple MacBook Air. Microsoft believes that this strategy will be the best way to attract more people’s attention.

Surface Pro 3 comes with Intel Core i7 with 12 inches of display and 512 GigaBytes of internal on-board storage. Surface Pro 3 comes with the price tag of $899 and higher versions at $1,199. Microsoft has made a huge bridge between laptops and tablets with its Surface Pro 3.


Here is the video:

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