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Facebook messenger isn’t spying on you, and not stealing your data

Most of the internet blog started to tweak about “don’t trust Facebook”, since the Facebook app pushes its users to download Messenger app. The permissions required by the Messenger app sounds ominous and the Facebook app is forcing its users to download Messenger app, if they were going to send private messages from the Facebook app.facebook-messenger-app-screenshot

Facebook Inc., uses its Messenger app to obtain various information regarding your account such as contacts, even that the app may use your camera to spy on you. But the permission requests are similar to other social media apps, there is no differences between those permissions.


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Facebook maintains a separate help page, that offers a variety of information regarding those permission requests.

  • Text Messaging: The permission request for Text message is to verify your mobile number, by sending a text message to your smart phone.
  • Using Camera and Microphone: This permit request is not obviously for spy on you. Rather than that, Messenger app requires those permissions for making video call and also to record voice for audio messages.
  • Address book access: For showing your contacts right from the messenger app, it requires this permission request. Facebook has no idea of sending unwanted advertisement text to your contacts.

If you were not feeling better after reading this information from the Facebook help page, you can block those permission levels in the settings tab of your smart phone. Otherwise, you can delete that application right away from your device.

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