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FCC hasn’t satisfied with Verizon’s statement; all set to enquire others as well

The United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is looking forward to take a deep look into the policies that the major wireless service providers use to provide data to their users. In was on Friday that FCC decided to call up Verizon and ask it about the policy by which it determines when to cut down on speed of data for users. There has been a lot of talk about some users experiencing poor speed during surfing the internet and they are not aware of the reason for it.FCC not satisfied with Verizon statement; all set to enquire others as well

According to the statement by Verizon last month where it stated that old users will have some issues with the speed during the early part of October. The users who belong to the highest categories of high-speed data users will have to suffer a slack in speed as per the statement issues by Verizon. Verizon is the largest wireless service provider in the United States and such a statement has called up for an action by the FCC.


The Federal Communications Commission has sent an open letter to Verizon stating the concern that FCC faces as this will affect the service experience of the users. In the letter, the FCC has also stated that the company must make a clear statement about what are the ground rules depending on which the cut offs are made.

Verizon’s defense came to be a very simple and un-acknowledgeable manner as the wireless service provider stated that this is the ‘widely accepted way’ to manage the networks. This probably has not quenched the thirst for FCC as it has said that it will send letters personally to all the major wireless service providers for clarification! AT&T has made no official remarks in this regard. On the other hand, Sprint has welcomed FCC and stated that the commission will be satisfied with Sprint’s work.



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