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Volkswagen recalls 151,389 in U.S. and 38,101 in Canada over fuel system issues

Due to the problems in the fuel system, the Volkswagen of America Inc. unit of Volkswagen AG (OTCMKTS: VLKAY) has recalled around 151,389 vehicles (2009 model Tiguan small SUVs) that makes the total recalls number to 189,490 vehicles, including 38,101 in Canada.The Volkswagen Tiguan 2012

Volkswagen AG recalls its 2009 model 151,389 vehicles, as they may produce air bubbles in the fuel injection system when gasoline is winterized.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has mentioned in a letter dated on August 7th to the Volkswagen that confirms the recall process.

Jennifer Chief, Chief of recall management division has written the following in the August 7th letter:

 “In certain conditions bubbles may form in the fuel system which could result in the vehicle stalling.”

On Saturday, Volkswagen AG said that it will recall 189,490 vehicles (including Tiguan small SUVs) from the North American regions for the above mentioned stalling problem.

The German automaker said:

Gas bubbles may form in the fuel system in the affected vehicles from model years 2009 through 2014 when winterized fuel with high vapor pressures is used in warmer areas or during months with higher temperatures.

Due to this issue, the performance of the device might be reduced and in the meanwhile, it results in stalling of the vehicles and cause accidents. Volkswagen AG reported that no accident issues were reported due to the stalling issue, till date.

Volkswagen Spokeswoman, said

Dealers will install revised electronic control module software on all affected vehicles at no cost. The recall is expected to begin later this month,

Of the affected 189,490 vehicles, 38,101 were from Canada and the rest of them were belonging to the United States. None of the other vehicles are recalled due to the stalling issue.

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