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USPTO rejects Apple’s patent claim against Samsung

The claim by Apple states that the ‘auto completion of the text input’ model was their patent has been rejected by USPTO on Tuesday. The rejection of the claim by USPTO comes right after Apple had successfully claimed the patent in a lawsuit in California. The court in California had initially ruled in favor of Apple stating that Apple holds the rights over the predictive text input model. Later this week, on Thursday, Samsung officials informed the District Court judge about the decision taken by the United States Patent and Trademark office.

USPTO rejects Apple’s patent claim against Samsung


A lot of people were actually expecting another Apple-Samsung clash very soon. The new turn in this claim comes only a few days after Apple and Samsung collaboratively asserted hat they are putting an end to the patent wars outside the United States. Many people were expecting that with all the wars over, both Apple and Samsung might just end up getting into a more messed up lawsuit within the United States.

The recent controversial decision taken by USPTO was taken after a third party examination was conducted. After the judgment of the third party, the final decision to reject Apple’s plea was taken. As a result of this, Apple might just find itself in a bit of a messed up financial situation. According to the initial decision taken by The District Court Judge Lucy Koh, Apple was supposed to be earning a compensation amount of $119.6 million which looks apparently distant now and things can get worse.

Although the decision is not final yet as Apple still has opportunity appeal against the decision, but to the experts, the chances of a success seem dull. The USPTO has a past against Apple when it rejected Apple’s patent claims for ‘pinch-to-zoom’ and rubber-banding features.


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