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Facebook color changing scam affects thousands of users

Recently, Facebook app allows the Facebook users to change the theme of their account, this is a scam which comes under the name of “Facebook Color Changer”.

This is not a new one, this scam has already surfaced in 2012 and 2013. This scam has affected more than 10000 people in the past, Cheeta Mobile have released a detailed report after it.


According to Chinese internet security Company Cheeta Mobile,

What’s wrong with Facebook blue, anyway? The promise of changing the colors of users’ Facebook profiles is once again being used to bait victims of the scam into installing malware.

The Facebook Color Changer application will ask the victims to install that application, once the victims click the install button, they will be actually redirected into a phishing site. Facebook Color Changer phishing site has attacked the victims in two possible ways; the first method involves stealing of access tokens of victims Facebook account. The victims will be asked to view tutorial videos on Facebook Color Changer application, where the hackers get their access token, so that they can easily connect with victims’ friends.

Suppose, if the victim doesn’t watch the video, they will be asked to download a malicious software, which spread malicious programs in the victims’ personal computer. Suppose if the victim uses android device, it will ask to download an antivirus application, by telling their device has been infected.

Facebook Color Changing

It is strongly advised to change the password and other necessary information related to your account.


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