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Hyundai handed a whopping $17.35 million fine by NHTSA

Things have gone bad to worse for Hyundai over the few months. Hyundai has already had to recall millions of cars due to various defects in their system. Now, as an addition to the woes, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has handed Hyundai a bill of fine amounting to approximately $17.35 million. The NHTSA has imposed the fine as a punishment for the late reaction by the car maker owing to a recall related issue. The company has also been struck with the bad fate of 2014 just like quite a few other car makers around the globe.

Hyundai handed a whopping $17.35 million fine by NHTSA


According to the reports, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration imposed the whopping amount of fine as the stakes were too high for the recall and the company seemed disinterested in it. According t9o the reports, Hyundai had to recall a few Genesis Sedan models back in the year 2013. The cars manufactured during the period of 2009 until 2012. What has affected the scenario against Hyundai is the fact that during this period the number of cars with the defect increased from 27,500 to around about 43,500.

According to NHTSA, the defects if the models were in the brake fluids and Hyundai should have paid more attention to the issue. Considering the fact that the brakes of the models were in question, accidents could have been a common occurrence.

According to the statement by CEO and President of Hyundai David Zuchwiski, Hyundai still considers its customers and their safety as a top priority. He has also added that the company will be making a response as quick as possible in the future.

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