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After WhatsApp, now Facebook Messenger supports Android Wear

Facebook users can soon send their messages through their Android Wear powered devices like LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live and Motorola Moto 360 smartwatches, as Facebook has added its supports for Android Wear platform.facebook-messenger-app-screenshot

With Facebook following WhatsApp on the gadget’s panel, Android Wear is fast gaining support for more messaging apps beyond Google’s Hangouts.


Till date, only WhatsApp has announced about its interest in the popular Android Wear, but now you can use Facebook Messenger in the Android Wear. Especially for those people who own Samsung Gear Live and LG G watch can download Facebook Messenger to their wearables and use them similar to the mobile devices. In the earlier stage, the application only showed notifications; but now, the user can surf all over the notification and also they can view full message previews. By using voice commands, the users can respond to the messages right away from their smartwatches.

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This is one of the fantastic announcement of the year, Facebook software engineer Alan Lake has informed regarding the Android Wear in his Google+ account. In that post, he has mentioned that people who own a smartwatch with Google’s OS can easily send voice messages from Android Wear-powered wearables.

This announcement will help both Facebook and Google in numerous ways; Facebook allows millions of users to use Facebook Messenger in their wearable gadgets and in the meantime, it will make it one of the best apps in Google Play Store.

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