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Sproutling baby monitor to help new parents; now on pre-order sale

Sproutling has launched a wearable device for tracking the sleep patterns, heart-rate and movements of babies that would help new parents to rest and monitor their children effectively.sproutling-baby-monitoring-device

The tiny wearable device with a soft strap can be wrapped over the baby’s ankle. The sensor is embedded in soft red silicon and is available in three sizes for the growing child. The device can be washed and wirelessly charged on its charging pad. The company has promised a backup of two to three days on a single charge.


Mathew Spolin, co-founder of Sproutling said in a statement:

“This generation of new parents are millennials. They grew up with a smartphone in their pocket, so they are looking for technology to solve their problems.”

The device can track 16 different metrics, including the baby’s mood, brightness in the room, temperature and sends the data to the smartphone.The compiled data will present the sleeping schedule of the baby and will notify the parents when  the baby is restless or is in need of attention. The app on the smartphone will provide a visual of the baby and even predicts when the baby wakes up and a comfortable sleeping environment.

Sproutling, founded by Bruce and Mathew Spolin in 2012, is set to launch a series of baby products to make the life of newer generation parents easier. The app works smoothly on iOS while the Android app is still under development. The device that is priced at $250 for pre-order on the company website. Eventually, the device will be launched for retail markets at $300.

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