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Apple and Samsung call off patent wars outside the States

Probably one of the major setbacks of the ones who love to follow the tussle between tech giants, as Apple and Samsung seem surrendered to each other in peace. The reports have it that Samsung and Apple have decided to call it an end to the innumerable patent related lawsuits that have been running all around the globe outside the United States. This can be stated as the first step taken by the Smartphone makers to reduce the hostility that has been growing between them.Apple and Samsung call off patent wars outside the States

According to the reports, the first official statement came from the Korean Smartphone maker. According to the statement released by Samsung, both the companies have decided that they will not pursue the patent related lawsuits outside the United States. On one hand when Samsung seems to be like talking peace, the company has also made a clear statement that they will not back out of the lawsuits pending in the US.


Apple and Samsung said in a joint statement:

“Apple and Samsung have agreed to drop all litigation between the two companies outside the United States. This agreement does not involve any licensing arrangements, and the companies are continuing to pursue the existing cases in U.S. courts.”

When inquired about whether the two companies have sought out a method to settle disputes outside of the United States, the official from Samsung did not make a direct statement. But it seems clear that there has not been a mutual settlement amidst the two. As a result of this, the pending patent lawsuits in countries like Germany, Italy, South Korea, Spain, etc. will come to a halt. The lawsuits have had more negative effects on the market as well as the economy of the companies that the good that it has done.

How is ‘the end’ to the lawsuits significant?

There is no doubt of the fact that the world of technology wanted these two companies to come to an amiable solution. Although there exists no amiable solution presently as well, but the line drawn to end the tussle will only do good to both the companies. According to the majority of the experts, the pending lawsuits all around the world were turning into a burden on the companies and thus hindering their growth to a certain extent.

Samsung is presently the leader of Smartphone market in the United States as well as the world for the last three years. Apple, on the other hand has suffered quite a few blows which have certainly downsized the market of the company. The analysts are of the belief that with the patent wars over, Apple will probably have more thoughts given in for better products. Although there is no doubt about the quality Apple’s products, the company has had a steady rate of decline for a few products. Apple will surely look forward to change the stats.

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