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Google acquires iPhone messaging app Emu and Directr (for YouTube)

Google acquired Emu and Directr, two startup companies on Wednesday that will improve the company’s messaging and video ad services on YouTube.emu-google

Emu, an iPhone messaging app learns the messages from the users and improves the experience by providing information related to maps, restaurant reviews and calendar entries. The iPhone app was founded in April by Gummi Hafsteinsson, a former Apple and Google employee, and Dave Feldman, a former employee of Yahoo and Microsoft. The company has announced the unavailability of the app during its transition to Google.


Emu said in an announcement:

“As of August 25, 2014, we’ll be shutting down the Emu app. It won’t be available in the App Store, and existing users won’t be able to send, receive, or download messages.”

The second acquisition is Directr, a company that develops apps for creating videos for consumers and small businesses. Directr and Directr for business are free apps that provides templates for creating videos and revenue is generated through in-app purchases. The company mentioned that the app will be available post-acquisition without the in-app purchases and will be priced at $500 for the premium version. The two-year old company founded by Max Goldman and Eli Schleifer stated that its employees will be transferred to Google’s video advertisement team.

The terms of the two deals have not been disclosed by Google or the two startups. Google mentioned that Directr employees will help the advertisers to create and upload videos. This marks the 23rd and 24th  acquisitions of Google this year after the acquisition of Nest for $3.2 billion, a company which produces internet connected appliances.


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