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Google acquires 2 more startups: Emu and Directr

These days, the impact startup companies makes in the tech world is to a great extent. Those guys are coming up with great ideas and makes millions of dollars. What’s trending for the past few hours is, the Internet giant Google acquired two startups: Emu and Directr. Emu is a texting assistant with some cool features and Directr is a video editing smartphone app developed by a bunch of film lovers.google

Emu is really a helpful built-in assistant Texting app. You can share location, set remainders, schedule meetings and etc. It uses some complex technologies to mix up artificial intelligence with natural language processing. Anyways, it’s in safe hands now.



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Directr is a video editing application and currently available only on iOS platform. There are different pricing plans available for users. Users have to pay an amount depending upon the plan they choose. But the good news is, everything is going to available for free, as Google acquired Directr.

There is no further news about cost of acquisition. Only known for the time being is, this team of movie lovers will join with YouTube team and continues to provide support for the app. This acquisition news was spread through a small YouTube video which was posted on Directr’s official Blog.

Since the app is acquired by Google, many android lovers are in a hope. Still, they are eagerly waiting for the official confirmation It is not clear that the app continues to perform in its current state because Google loves to modify and they will be trying Directr on Google Business Section.

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