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China reportedly bans Apple products for government use

It looks like Apple’s intention of spreading its wings in China look to be taking twist. The setback was received when Beijing banned the sales of iPads, MacBooks and other products by Apple for the government use. As many as ten products are being tallied for omission from the government procurement list that was distributed in July this year. The details were not made official for some and it was kept highly confidential in the initial stages, but now people can see the turbulent journey of Apple into China.IPhone threat to national security, says China.

Apple iPhone is also banned for public purchase in China. This is a big setback for the Silicon Valley based company. This news has come right after the time when it was announced that antivirus vendors Symantec and Kaspersky had been dropped from the Chinese roster for software suppliers when it comes to government purchase.


In May, Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS was also banned to be used on government PC’s in Beijing. The security officials of the Chinese government have cited the security concerns in order to give an explanation to this big decision taken by them. After the revelations of NSA contractor Edward Snowden about U.S. spying, China has resolved to ban the purchase of Anti-viruses like Kaspersky and Symantec for government officials. This has been credited to electronic security of the country.

However, when asked both Symantec and Kaspersky have denied the fact that their products have been banned in China now. Apple was however not available for comments, but the reports are very clear from different sources.

However, Apple is making efforts to soothe down the situation between the Chinese government and trying to enter an agreement but only time will tell how these efforts fare out.


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