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Russian Hackers reportedly stolen 1.2 billion Internet ID and passwords

The fist of Russian hackers has taken a toll on 1.2 billion usernames and Passwords. These hackers are known as “Bottom Feeders”. The passwords and ID’s will be helpful for the hackers in identifying useful info about people.security-padlock-300x225

The gang that is acknowledged with the name “Bottom Feeders” operates in a Russian city. The founder of Hold Security, Alex Holden reported it on Tuesday. However, he declined to give info about the exact city. He stated that the gang is comprised of a couple of individuals who are socially packed with each other.


Holden said that the gangs reminiscent to the one they have discovered are eliminating out of the scene, owing to them working semi-anonymously. It is a unique case of finding a gang that is working together and are closely knitted to each other. He stated,

“They are much closer knit than the other groups we see, possibly they have less conflicts over money because they know each other.”

According to Holden, the gang has managed to get most of the confidential material from as many as 420,000 websites over the web. These websites are diverse and even smaller sites are not spared. The accumulation of the confidential data by the Russian gang has not happened in a single attempt but it has taken several attempts. Over the time, the gang has managed to get all the data they needed through hacking.

The Russian gang has rented a botnet with its savings in order to infuse SQL injections for gaining the confidential information from websites. This is the way how Holden spotted the culprit gang of Russia. Holden stated, “Looking at some of the data they’ve stolen, I’ve even seen some my own passwords. Nothing significant, but shocking nonetheless.”

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