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Sprint appoints new CEO; drops T-Mobile acquisition plans

It seems like Sprint is finally getting ready for the transformation that is probably required. The first step of the transformation is probably the appointment of Marcelo Claure as the new Chief Executive officer of the company. Sprint is one of the largest wireless carriers in the United States. According to the reports, Sprint has appointed the 43 year old Marcelo Claure as their new CEO as a replacement to Dan Hesse, who had been holding onto the position since 2007.Sprint appoints new CEO; drops T-Mobile acquisition plans

Sprint appointed Marcelo Claure as their new CEO on Wednesday where who took the office from Dan. Although Dan Hesse has been criticized at times for his methods, not a lot of wrong marks can be stamped on him. On the other hand, Marcelo Claure has a background that speaks abundant for the person. Claure founded Brightstar Corporation, which has quite a name in the mobile phone distribution market. Claure was the man who single-handedly took the company from Miami to a global level. Brightstar Corporation was acquired by Softbank last year.


According to many experts, Sprint has all the qualities to be rated as the best wireless service provider in the United States. With the appointment of Marcelo Claure as the new CEO, the levels of expectations have not only risen, but the users are also expecting the company to deliver a more improved way.

Sprint drops bid for T-Mobile acquisition

The other news involving Sprint shows the company, leaving the tussle in the middle. To speak facts, Sprint has at last dropped its bid to buy currently fourth placed wireless carrier in the United States, T-Mobile. Due to the recent turn of events, Sprint has stopped all its efforts to acquire the T-Mobile. The main reason for the steps taken backwards is the lack assistance and enthusiasm.


The dropping of the bid to acquire T-Mobile is probably one of the recent failures from Sprint. On Wednesday, Sprint’s shares went up by 19% and T-Mobile shares dived to about a fall of 10%. This change was seen recently after the official announcement of dropping the bid was made.

Sprint is presently placed at the third place after Verizon and AT&T in the ranks of service providers. The experts are of the belief that if the acquisition would have taken place, Sprint could have easily placed itself at the top.

The reason termed behind the refusal of the acquisition from U.S. Regulatory department is that they want a static figure of four as primary service providers. This certainly does not add any logic, but rumors have something else to say as well. According to the rumors, a French Telecommunications company is also in talks for T-Mobile. With Sprint out of the race, it will be interesting to see who prevails.

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