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HP and Gilt tie up with Michael Bastian for the luxury smartwatch

If you are about the idea that smartwatches are typically alike in nature, then you might have to change your views. HP is all set to bring a touch of beauty and fashion to the array of smartwatches available for you. According to the reports, HP is looking forward to make some tie ups with the fashion industry to bring in a cool and classic feel about smartwatches as well. With the aim of achieving a change, HP is looking forward for collaboration with Gilt to bring its new line of Luxury smartwatch.hp-gilt-smartwatch

In the efforts to do so, HP and Gilt have tied up with Michael Bastian to design the aesthetics of the device. According to some of the experts, the device is going to be pretty similar to the Moto 360 smartwaches. Thus, looking for a defense, Michael Bastian has commented that a round smartwatch can only be termed somewhat fashionable.


According to Michael, a smartwatch should be built in such a way that they provide accurate information to the ones who use it! It must be simple, quick in action and provide accurate information. And if such a device is gifted with some beautiful, the standards of being smart will be changed forever.

Speaking of the technical part of the smartwatch, HP will take on the responsibility for the hardware. HP has stated that the device will not be OS dependent, but rather compatible with both iOS and Android. In all probability, Gilt will be looking after the marketing section for the device. HP promises that the smartwatch will be better that most of the similar models in the market. The battery service is expected to be better as well.

Although here are no rumors as of now related to the launch of the device, one expects it be in the market by the end of the year priced at $200.

According to the rumors that sprung up last month, Swatch was working in tandem with Apple in their most anticipated project ‘iWatch,’ may be Apple iTime. But, the Swiss watch makers later released a statement denying their association with Apple’s iWatch and denied all the rumors of collaboration with the iPhone makers.


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