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Facebook alleged for privacy violation as Austrian law student files a claim

The world of social media gets another knock on the door as the issue of privacy comes up again. This time it is Facebook and a Law student from Austria, who will be locked in a legal battle. The reports state that Max Schrems, a law student from Austria has made an appeal to all the users of Facebook around the globe to join a class action lawsuit against the social networking giant. The lawsuit brought by Max involves alleged violations of the user’s privacy.Facebook-Privacy-.JPEG-085e9

Schrems, who is already involved in a legal battle with Facebook at the European Court of Justice, has filed a claim at Vienna’s commercial court standing up for the issue. He has also sent an open invitation to all the Facebook to join the movement via the website www.fbclaim.com. According to the Austrian law, one person can step up to manage the financial claims for other as well and in this case Schrems is doing the same.


This is not the first time when Facebook has been alleged of violating the user’s privacy. The 26-year-old Law student is looking forward to protection and financial compensation under EU data protection law.  Speaking of who can join the movement, users from all over the world except from Canada and the United States a stand up.

Europe in general has much stricter policies for data protection and as the main operations of Facebook is controlled from Ireland; the EU directives will play a very crucial role in the outcome of the case. Although Max Schrems is not one of the most proclaimed lawyers in his zone, but the fact that Facebook has often been charged with violations will help him to gather momentum to his cause. One will have to wait for more news to come up in this regard!

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