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Hyundai recalls 419,000 vehicles owing to three distinct defects

The year 2014 seems to be like a time period of a tragic saga for the car manufacturers across Europe and United States. According to the recent reports, Hyundai Motor Corporation has also joined the list of car makers who have made a huge number of recalls during this year. The companies topping the list may very well be Ford and Fiat but Hyundai has registered quite a huge number this year. The reports have it that Hyundai is recalling approximately over 419,000 cars and SUVs in the near future owing to issues related to brakes, suspension and oil leak problems. With this recall, Hyundai has approximately recalled 1.3 million cars in the recent times.Hyundai recalls 419,000 vehicles owing to three distinct defects

Interestingly, the recall made by Hyundai is not for any single model. Instead the company is recalling three different models and the largest of the lot is the recall of Santa Fe sport-utility vehicle. The recall in this case amounts to 225,000 which is in turn the largest recall of the lot.


The Korean automaker has also enlisted 133,075 Sonata mid size cars built from after 2011 and 61,122 Veracruz SUVs. Hyundai is recalling the Santa Fe sports-utility vehicles to replace the coil springs as reports account for rust and cracks. On the other hand the recall of the cars and SUVs are owing to lack of brake fluids and engine oil.

According to the statement issues by Hyundai, the defects in the various models that are being recalled have not yet lead to any kind of sad incidents. There are no accounts of crashes, injuries or casualties due to the defects in the vehicles. The Korean car maker has claimed that recalls will start from the month of September this year and they will be looking forward to bring the cars back on the street as soon as possible.

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