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General Motors’ recall website provides incorrect information, feds say

The U.S Transportation Department has said the General Motors website for providing information on recalled cars has been providing incorrect information.General-Motors-headquarte-006

Consumers who use the GM “VIN look-up” site for entering the identification number were told that their car wasn’t a part of the recall, as mentioned by the safety regulators on Friday. They added that GM’s website for information on recalled cars were as defective as their switches. The recall for the consumers existed and the message was shown as a result of non availability of parts. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration informed consumers to check the GM website after 5.30 pm on Friday for correct information.


NHTSA said:

“Consumers who have used the GM’s tool and found no recall should recheck.”

General Motors mentioned that the website was under maintenance and customers with queries can contact the service line. GM’s spokesman Greg Martin stated that the company was aware of the NHTSA’s inquiry on the VIN look-up issue. According to The Detroit News, GM’s website does not conform with the new rules of NHTSA issued on Aug. 20. The faulty GM VIN look-up system was reported to NHTSA by Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif.

Boxer also accused GM of covering up faulty ignition switches in millions of vehicles. GM has emerged with the most number of recalls in North America in 2014 with 29 million vehicles. The ignition switches is being manufactured by Delphi, took months to supply the parts and repairs are in progress. As the company faces increasing investigations for slow recalls of 2.59 million small cars with defective ignition, it has fastened the recalling process.

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